OP-ED: the dog ate my homework!

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Yesteryear’s excuse of “my dog ate my homework” has been upgraded.   It’s now “oops — your email was inadvertently sent to my junk folder and thus I missed your email”.   To be fair, I do know of genuine cases where this has happened.  BUT, in this particular case, the person shirking responsibility and accountability has previously received and responded to my emails.  As such and unless this person’s email system was recently infected with a virus, her system has already accepted and processed my email account as “non-junk”.

After a follow-up email (and after enough time has passed to render the original request more difficult to fulfil), the person in question wrote to say:

“I apologise for not responding sooner, for some reason the original email went into my junk email folder, however I have added you to my contact list so this does not happen again.

Unfortunately as the development is now complete and the builders are off site it really is too late for us to make and changes to the units.

I am sorry we cannot assist you on this occasion.”

Needless to say and assuming that her company’s email system is unadulterated, I thought this person’s response was highly unprofessional and lacked integrity.  If the request cannot be fulfilled then I thought she should have advised accordingly instead of hiding behind the “dog ate my homework” excuse whilst “running down the clock”.

In short, this is yet more reason, methinks and based on my personal experience, that I’ll never recommend Acorn New Homes to my family and friends.