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Best & Worst . . . Spa Experience


The Oberoi spa experience was so fantastic that I actually came back again the next night for a repeat treatment!

The Claremont spa experience was just terrible — plus, it was impossible to relax because the masseuse kept insisting that that I relax.  All she  really need to do is SHUT UP!

Despite one bad experience at The Four Seasons Hong Kong, the spa team is generally extraordinary.  The Landmark also rates highly — but if I have a pet peeve, it is that it is necessary to reserve in advance some of the ‘free’ spa rooms which makes it inconvenient if I want to be spontaneous.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE the herbal ball spa treatment at Pimalai Resort and this resort is in strong 2nd place for the best spa experience ever.

Dishonourable Mentions include:

  • Le Meridien, New Delhi, India — dull, boring, uneventful, ineffective.   No repeat.
  • InterContinental, Phnom Penh, Cambodia — my spa experience was fine, but, hubby’s masseuse was too busy answering her many mobile phone calls and just wasn’t interested in doing her job!!!!