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PondScum Award: Rutgers University

@ZombifiedPixie awards her next PondScum Award to Rutgers University on the grounds that – in her opinion –  it is exceedingly shameful that it took this organisation **decades** to update it’s deeply sexists anthem.   It was only in 2013 that Rutgers FINALLY showed it’s female alumni and students the respect they deserved by changing the offensive lyrics.




PondScum Award: TripAdvisor

@ZombifiedPixie awards her first 2015 PondScum Award to TripAdvisor on the grounds that – in her opinion –  it is kowtowing to corporate interests by labelling an honest-but-critical-review-which-is-based-on-first-hand-experience as “defamatory” and threatening (bullying!!!) to report this “to the authorities”.

GO AHEAD TripAdvisor!   This will only yield bad publicity and it will showcase the inherent bias against honest feedback.



PondScum Award – Spammers

@ZombifiedPixie’s Inaugural PondScum Award goes to the tedious and noisome spammers .  The offensive (and blocked) IP Addresses are noted below.   (Current from August 2014.)


PondScum Award

ZP PondScumAward

Recipients of @ZombifiedPixie’s PondScum Award:

  • TripAdvisor – for bullying.
  • Rutgers University – for taking decades to finally update it’s sexist school anthem.
  • Thailand’s military junta blaming the murder victim for being attractive and wearing a bikini !
  • CeeLo Green and his views on rape!
  • @ZombifiedPixie’s Inaugural PondScum Award goes to the tedious and noisome spammers .  The offensive (and blocked) IP Addresses are posted here.   (Current from August 2014.)