PondScum Award – Spammers

@ZombifiedPixie’s Inaugural PondScum Award goes to the tedious and noisome spammers .  The offensive (and blocked) IP Addresses are noted below.   (Current from August 2014.)


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Jan 29, 2015:


… and this is EXACTLY why I have my own website.   This site has no commercial interests (in fact, there isn’t even a Facebook “LIKE” button) and therefore everything that I write about can be taken at face value because I write for myself.

Oct 5th:

Beijing issues an ultimatum
Beijing issues an ultimatum

Sept 29th:HK_occupy2


Sept 28th:journalism7journalism9

Sept 27th:Journalism1

Sept 26th:journalism2

Sept 25th:journalism4

Sept 24th:journalism3

Sept 23rd:journalism6

Sept 22nd:journalism5

Sept 21st:copyright_floppydisc

Sept 20th:Image

Sept 19th:copyright_23

Sept 17th:copyright_4496

Sept 9th:copyright_4919Image 10

Image 11

Sept 8th:Image 7

Sept. 7th:Image 1

Sept 5th:Image 5

Sept 4th: NoCeeLoNo

Sept. 3rd:  this is just toooo funny! Image

August 29th:copyright_1


August 22nd:#BetterTogether - supporting the "No" campaign

August 21st:IMG_1320


August 18th:I regret LifeLessOrdinaryLondonProperty

June 22nd:gallery_NoMoreNRA

June 21st:palm oil and dead orang-utans

June 17th:

inventing new word gazexiting
prior to June 2014, “gazexiting” did not exist per Google . . .




PondScum Award

ZP PondScumAward

Recipients of @ZombifiedPixie’s PondScum Award:

  • TripAdvisor – for bullying.
  • Rutgers University – for taking decades to finally update it’s sexist school anthem.
  • Thailand’s military junta blaming the murder victim for being attractive and wearing a bikini !
  • CeeLo Green and his views on rape!
  • @ZombifiedPixie’s Inaugural PondScum Award goes to the tedious and noisome spammers .  The offensive (and blocked) IP Addresses are posted here.   (Current from August 2014.)